Today, at the pinnacle of the ubiquity of the diversion in the class MOBA is a multiplayer fight fields on the web. In the previous couple of years, Dota 2 has been unquestionably holding administration positions. It is the best diversion, in the sentiment of gamers, as far as realistic and sound plans. The official adaptation of the arrival of the task in 2013 was displayed by designers from Valve Corporation. The ones gave the world genuine hits – Half-Life, Team Fortress, and Counter-Strike. Be that as it may, the new piece of the amusement was spoken some time before its appearance. Many have noticed that Dota 2 will turn into a sensation and an achievement in the connection among gamers and multiplayer diversions. The designers did not frustrate – the undertaking was a genuine transformation in present day cyber disciplines.

The advantages are obvious: a large army of heroes, accurate and realistic maps, surround sound. However, the most important thing is a unique balance that allows you to ensure victory in a duel between teams of gamers 5×5 at the expense of personal skills and abilities of players. Chance, luck and other factors are no longer important. This allowed Dote 2 to take a leading role in global eSports. Thousands of people around the world gather to hold tournaments in this discipline: more than a million fans follow such fights. Recently, the stakes on Dota 2 began to gain momentum. A huge number of betters hope to win their favorite team and put real money on its victory.

Tips for beginners

And finally, a few tips for those who are just going to bet on Dot 2:

  1. TIP # 1. Stick to your strategy and never change it. You must clearly define for yourself your bank and the size of a single bet. After that – go ahead! One rate should not exceed 10% of the total bank. Determine, approximately, the number of bets you will make per week. Mark your strategy and start betting.
  2. TIP # 2. Avoid “delusions of grandeur”, feel good luck. Each player has a streak of luck, that is, when you bet on any event – the bet wins. And here you can advise only one thing – keep the wave! As soon as you start to play – stop. Wait out a certain period and forget for a while about rates and odds. Only after that start playing, otherwise you will fall into the “tilt”. “Tilt” is a term used in poker and means a negative psychological state of a player. In this state, the player thinks not with his head, but acts with emotions. Of course, nobody thinks of the consequences in this state. And they can only be deplorable. You lose the bet one by one, while raising each one of them, and you end up with no bank at all. In other words – you are bankrupt.
  3. TIP # 3. Make your prediction for the events that you understand. Do not put on everything, but only on what is close to you. But do not forget to constantly monitor the statistics and news regarding “your” sport.
  4. TIP # 4. Do not make your prediction for your favorite and unloved team. If you want to make money, you will have to forget about this classification of teams. Such a path will only lead to collapse.

There are specialized resources that are strictly engaged in betting on this online game. The most popular and reliable sites: Egaming Bets, CybBet and E-Bets Online.